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The i-Conic App

Do you want to make your planning and execution of meetings and events seamless during i-Con?

Then look no further!

The i-Conic app allows attendees to manage all aspects of the event from one centralized platform.

The wait is over! The i-Con app is now live! Simply tap the button below to download it on your preferred device and experience the event like never before!


Mobile phone screen displaying the i-Con application's home screen. Highlighting a picture of the city of dreams.


Check out what the participants are up to during the conference!

Mobile phone screen displaying the i-Con application's exhibitors screen.


Uncover the complete list of our exhibitors, sponsors and attendees

Mobile phone screen displaying the i-Con application's chat screen.


Chat with i-Con's attendees and increase your networking opportunities easily!

Mobile phone screen displaying the i-Con application's schedule screen.

Agenda - Schedule

Don't miss a thing with the app's agenda, and stay up to date with all speeches, panels and parties!

Mobile phone screen displaying the i-Con application's map screen.


Find your way around City of Dreams and get to your next destination swiftly!

i-Con cy Vibes spotify playlist logo

Tune in with Island Conference’s very own Spotify playlist and spread the i-Con vibes!

Spotify favicon. Icon and circle border are white
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Two mobile phone displays overlapping. Presenting the i-Con application. Floating pop up box on the right with traffic stars logo


Our app offers a seamless and intuitive interface, including powerful features that will make networking easier and more efficient than ever before.

Want to find out more about what the conference's available sponsorships? Then check out our dedicated page below for more information!

Get in touch

Our mobile application is available on both Android and iOS devices.

As the i-Conic App is being developed internally, any feedback and ideas are welcome to give our attendees a better all-around experience!

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