The Miconos MeetUp is different, taking you to one of the most inspiring places on the map, allowing individuals from different industries across the globe to come together! It invites the masterminds behind the largest corporations in the industry and allows them to connect, socialise and work in a more playful and relaxed setting!

How To Get On The VIP List?

You can start registering for the Miconos MeetUp and secure your place on the VIP-List for two days of networking, business opportunities, and pleasure!

This is an invitation-only private event tailor-made for:

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C-Level Executives

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Business Owners

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Super Affiliates

Exclusive to i-Con's attendees only who will be participating in the Conference and supporting our vision with a minimum investment of 10K.

*There will be a participation fee for Miconos MeetUp

Here's how you can put your names on the VIP-List:

Fill in your personal information, company details, and vertical! If you meet our requirements then a member of our team will be in touch with you!

Don't forget to watch the unforgettable times we experienced on last years' Miconos adventure! Check out i-Con's exclusive Miconos video on our YouTube channel!

Organised By
Nexxie Groupi-ConHaze team

"I've been travelling to Mykonos for more than 15 Years and every time this beautiful island has something new & unique to offer! The Myths are real! The spiritual journeys and the life experiences that can happen within a glimpse of an eye, make this Cycladic Island, like no other!

Those who know me well, already know that I always like to share these experiences. That's why I took the decision to host this Invitation-Only trip to Mykonos, right after the bespoke i-Con conference, in my home country, Cyprus. I am confident that through this trip, we will be able to change the path and the future of our industry, through meaningful discussions and decisions, among some of the most influential people of our generation.

See you soon in Cyprus & Mykonos"

Love & Respect

Charis Demetriou
CEO of Nexxie Group

What Does This Trip Include?