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Book one of our exclusive booths to dedicate a section of the conference's space to your brand.

If you are looking for the best way to gravitate other collaborations to your business core, there's nothing quite like our booths' attractive force.

Our networking opportunities are unmatched and our offers are simply second to none, so decide how large you want your gravitational pull to be and become one of the biggest stars of our galaxy!

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Our Booths Are


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Floor Size 4㎡

Sold Out

Floor Size 4㎡


Floor Size 6㎡

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Floor Size 6㎡


Floor Size 12㎡

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Floor Size 12㎡


Floor Size 18㎡

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Floor Size 18㎡


Floor Size 36㎡

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Floor Size 36㎡


Elevate brand awareness, like never before

Do you want your company to shine under i-Con's spotlight? Whether you're looking to increase your brand awareness online or in person, our sponsorships are your solution.

Help your product stand out with one of our sponsorships, which are designed to fit any requirement and budget. Make a Big Bang in i-Con's universe by securing one of our sponsorship options.

There truly is no better way to make affiliates, networks and traffic sources orbit your brand!

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Individual Affiliate Tickets

Your ticket will guarantee you access to everything i-Con has to offer!

Make sure to pick up your tickets well before the event gets started.The sooner you get them the better!

Our tickets count as passes for both days of the event and include access to:
- Any scheduled Speeches and Sessions
- Exclusive conference networking app
- Sponsored Food & Beverage
- All of i-Con's Events and Parties

To top it off, you'll also get €20 worth of Casino Chips to try your luck out!

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Single Ticket

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Early Bird


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2x Tickets

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5% Discount



3x Tickets

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10% Discount



4x Tickets

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+1 Free Ticket



On the Door

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Early First Release

Stay tuned for more!

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