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Committed to Being Eco-Friendly

Environmental awareness has become increasingly important so it is vital for all of us to embrace a new way of living when it comes to safeguarding the planet. Various practices have been adopted to turn our environment into a place of prosperity and well-being.

This includes Water Reuse, the Elimination of Plastic, the use of Bamboo straws, Recycling, and Sustainable Waste Disposal.

While embracing a new way of living, we have also included vegan food in our menus. By doing this we seek to exclude all forms of exploitation and promote the development and use of animal-friendly alternatives.

A lifestyle we wholeheartedly promote.

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Reducing plastic consumption results in positive environmental changes. Consequently, we've taken a substantial step by removing all single-use plastics from our 2-day affiliate conference.

Purple-lined vector of a plastic bottle with two arrows circling around it on white background.Purple-lined vector of a plastic bottle with two arrows circling around it on white background.

Recycled Water

In collaboration with NORDAQ, we will be offering a fresh alternative to ordinary bottled water. It emphasizes both taste and environmental responsibility.

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Bamboo Straws

The chemical-free nature of bamboo straws, makes them safer for the wildlife and people alike. Since we aim to offer the best quality and most sustainable solutions, bamboo straws was the best option for us!

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Waste Disposal

We are developing a comprehensive waste management strategy that includes measures to significantly reduce paper and plastic usage while actively promoting recycling!

Purple-lined vector of a bucket with the recycling symbol on it, filled with plastic bottles on white background.Purple-lined vector of a bucket with the recycling symbol on it, filled with plastic bottles on white background.

Reusable Products

Only reusable and eco-friendly products will be provided during the affiliate conference, which will be cleaned and sanitized according to strict food safety standards.

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Recycle bins

To ensure the sustainability of our networking event, we're introducing a well-structured recycling scheme, complete with the placement of recycling bins throughout the conference venue areas.

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Considering merging your business trip with a family getaway? We've got you covered!

With its beautiful weather and a wide range of activities, Cyprus stands out as the perfect holiday spot. So, if you're thinking about blending business and family travel, you can relax knowing that your kids will have a wonderful time!

We're well aware of the intensity of conference schedules, often leaving little time for anything else. That's why we've made it a priority to offer you a worry-free environment where your children are cared for. This will allow you to focus on your business commitments.

The conference venue provides an array of services and activities designed to keep your children both entertained and safe, offering you peace of mind. Kids can indulge in activities like Kids City, Adventure Park, and the Tennis Academy, with the option of 24-hour babysitting available upon request.

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Kids City

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Adventure Park

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Aqua Park

Purple-lined vector of a tennis racket and tennis ball on white background.

Tennis Academy