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Media Partners

i-Con's media partners are featured businesses that helped spread the word about our conference's induction. Through our business collaborations, we have been able to tap into their audience and marketing channels to promote i-Con more effectively.

Additionally, our media partnerships have offered valuable exposure through various marketing channels such as social media, email marketing, and content distribution.Amongst them you can find marketing forums, marketing channels, and many more.

A large number of the featured media partners below aligned their efforts with our exact vision to deliver the marketing plan that has brought you along the i-Con journey. Thanks to that, we were able to use our credibility to not only identify our existing audience but also make new and exciting connections! Island Conference simply would not be the same without them.


A popular online community where affiliate marketers can connect, learn from each other, discuss industry news and access resources like a job board and marketplace. It's a valuable resource for beginners and seasoned marketers alike.


affLIFT is the fastest growing and most active affiliate marketing forum online! Get access to hundreds of affiliate marketing guides, example campaigns, and more! Join the 85,000+ members today.


OfferVault.com is the internet's best resource when it comes to all things Affiliate Marketing.Whether you're an Affiliate, Publisher, Affiliate Network or Direct Advertiser, we help both sides of the industry find each other to make affiliate marketing as easy as possible.


Rumpelstinski is a digital marketing agency in Spain that uses the inbound methodology as a basis for the development of its projects. The agency has a 360 service offer, offering solutions for: lead capture, digital advertising campaigns, web development, social media management and search engine optimization.


UTR CONF is your go-to source for conference-related services! We provide the best conference recommendations, conference calls, and business services. You can easily add your own event to promote it to a wider audience. Join our community to discover great events and connect with other professionals.